Our company is an experienced company operating with expert staff in service buildings, rough and fine construction works, renovation and decoration works, strengthening of buildings against earthquakes, controller and consultancy services, renovation of factory buildings, schools, university buildings, shops and bank branches.

Thanks to a special computer software that we have it prepared for use in the projects we have carried out and offered, we are carrying out more accurate, more efficient, faster, better works on the subjects like progress payment arrangement, work schedule, budgeting-cost-control, warehouse stock control.

Bina Works

  • School buildings
  • Hospital buildings
  • Hotel buildings
  • Bank buildings
  • Housing and villa buildings
  • Business center buildings
  • Management center buildings
  • Earthquake reinforcement works

Engineering Structures

  • Energy facilities
  • Water constructions
  • Roads
  • All kinds of excavation works
  • Installation and assembly works
  • All types of infrastructure works
  • Landscaping works

Industrial Constructions

  • Factory buildings
  • Warehouse buildings
  • Treatment buildings
  • Steel binalar
  • Pool inşaatı
  • Parking lot inşaatı

Restoration and Decoration

  • Bank branch decoration
  • Office buildings
  • Store dekorasyonu
  • Sales office building decoration