Modern era, pioneering thought structure...

Teknik kadro ve ekipman olarak da bu hıza uygun bir gelişim göstermiş ve geleceğe yönelik stratejilerini daha sağlam bir biçimde belirlemeye başlamıştır.

The in-house organization, which is dynamic and focused on goals, has enabled us to consolidate our position in a very short period of time in today's competitive market. This process is shortened since we are acting with a philosophy that prioritizes the human.

Misyonumuz ve Misyonumuz
  • Customer satisfaction and productivity are our priorities.
  • We must maintain the highest level of in-house synergies and must constantly be able to act as a team.
  • We must establish the company's culture and ensure employees adopt the company.
  • We must integrate today's technology and infrastructure into the company and use its advantages.
  • We must fully disseminate the dynamism, which is the necessity of the contracting industry, to all layers of the company and have the principles of construction site management adopted by all layers of the company. This process is shortened since we are acting with a philosophy that prioritizes the human.

Our Milestones...


Kağıthane Laboratory Building Rough Construction

Elyaf Typography

Esenyurt Factory Construction

Our Milestones...

Porland Porcelain

Bilecik Factory Construction

Arçelik - LG

Gebze Air Conditioning Facilities Construction

Our Milestones...


Construction of the Sütlüce Headquarters Building

Mares Hotel

Marmaris Renovasyon Works

Our Milestones...

American Hospital

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Migros Store

Göksu Shopping Mall and Theater Building Construction Works

Our Milestones...


Maslak Building Construction


Göcek Port Villa Construction

Our Milestones...


D Block Construction


Construction of Aliağa Administrative Building

Our Milestones...

Yapı Kredi

Gebze Campus

Koç University

Dormitory Building

Our Milestones...

Özyeğin University

Özyeğin University Construction

Divan Hotel

Divan Hotel Construction

Our Milestones...

Rings İstanbul

Rings İstanbul Construction

Kuşadası Setur Marina

Kuşadası Setur Marina Construction

Our Milestones...

Koç Hospital

Koç Hospital Construction

Özyeğin University

Özyeğin University Construction

Our Milestones...

Doğa Koleji

Acıbadem Campus

Özyeğin University

Çekmeköy Campus

Our Milestones...

Türk Traktör

Adapazarı Factory

Sanset Gıda

Kırklareli Food Product Factory

Our Milestones...

Eyüpoğlu Koleji

Ataşehir Campus


Maslak Building

Our Milestones...

Medipol University

Kavacık Campus

Ziylan Grup

Watergarden AVM

Our Milestones...

Özyeğin University

Taşdelen Campus Dorm 6 and Guest House Project

Borusan Auto

Samandıra Facilities